Talmud Beach
Talmud Beach

Talmud Beach Talmud Beach



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Bone Voyage Recording Company, 2013.

A trio of bearded man playing sparse, ultra-relaxed, hypnotic blues pieces, soft and to the bone, with traces (and for friends ) of: JJ.Cale (rocking chair), Suicide (past Future R’n’R), Canned Heat (falsetto), ZZ Top (beards), Neu (plingplongplucker), 22-Pistepirkko (hot finnish potatoes).

Talmud Beach have their very own, humorous approach, coming up with gentle minimal groove, which points to the past as well as to some future. You don’t need to be a blues fan to get this, although for some blues enthusiasts it might be a revelation, as well. Kuudes Aisti wrote recently: “People have been adding stupid shit to blues for ages. Like fringe jackets, cowboy boots and jackets with Joan Collins style shoulder pads – Talmud Beach don’t add a thing. Nothing extra.”

1 Hobo Don't Mind a Little Rain
2 Sold My Hair
3 Klubilla
4 City Lights
5 The Wizard
6 Sweetissä
7 Time on Highway 5
8 Pyramid Boogie
9 Drinkin' Kilju
10 Aamulla rautatieasemalla
11 How Long?